Bamboo roots are called rhizomes.  Clumping varieties like 'fargesia nitida' grow circumferentially, whereas more common running varieties like 'phyllostachys aurea' can send shoots 15 to 20 from the larger stand.  

Bamboo has been known to grow under decking, along foundations and in extreme cases, into the house.  

We have refined our removal techniques to mechanize removals whenever possible.  Most removal quotes include a 1 year guarantee, where no additional cost is incurred by the homeowner for return visits.  

Bamboo is a beautiful and rapid growing plant. If not properly installed and maintained running bamboo can be costly to remove.  Properly installed running bamboo should be planted slightly above grade (4"-6") with a physical barrier / sand trench or combination of the two. For easiest maintenance, it is recommended that bamboo be planted at least 2'-3' from property lines to allow for twice annual maintenance.